It is state law and district policy that all volunteers have a background check on file.  This has to be done every year.  If you think you might want to volunteers at any point this year, for ANY of your children in WCS, please go to the link below and fill out the paperwork.  If you save it as a PDF and send it to me with a copy of your license, I will send it to the correct person in Human Resources myself.  If you plan on riding the bus, helping at football games, serving band camp lunches, etc, this needs to be filled out.  You also must watch 3 videos regarding concussions, bloodborn pathogens, and FERPA (again, state law).  You can actually watch all of the videos in different tabs at the same time to save yourself some time.  I do not need proof that you watched those videos, those go right to HR.  Thank you in advance to all of our volunteers. 



I have heard from a few section leaders regarding the lack of participation in summer sectionals.  These sectionals are vital to our success at band camp.  Please make every effort to be there.  I understand if there are prior commitments or family vacations planned, but please communicate that with your section leaders. 

Solo Auditions

Solo auditions for “After the Love is Gone” will take place on the first day of band camp.  There is a trumpet solo and an alto saxophone solo, which I have also transcribed into tenor saxophone (uploaded to the google drive with the music – link below).  Please make sure you are practicing if you are planning on auditioning! 



Our drill writer (who is awesome – writes the drill for many college bands) has completed song 1 and sent me a video of what it will look like.  He did a lot of geometric manipulation which will look really impressive once we clean it up.  Take a look at the link below!

I am attaching (and throwing in that same google drive folder) the drill for this song, and will update it whenever we get new drill.  Section leaders get drill books that show exactly what is in the attachment, while everyone else gets coordinate sheets that are small and just focus on your spot.  Feel free to print it out if you would like (especially if you are a visual learner).  You can also upload these charts to a variety of apps to use on your phone or tablet so that you always have them – my favorite is Ultimate Drill Book (or UDB – $10/year), but I have had success with Drillbook Next. 

Thank you for reading!  Looking forward to band camp in 25 days!


Noah Cafagna

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