Cadet Band

Cadet band is beginning band class at Cousino, consisting of primarily 9th-grade students.

Concert Band

Concert band is the next step from Cadet band. Beginning in 10th grade, students can take this class as a more advanced band class than the previous cadet band.

Symphonic Band

Symphonic band is the highest band concert band class at Cousino. This class is open to students beginning in 10th grade and participation in this class is available through audition only.

Jazz Band

Jazz band is a band class offered at Cousino in which students can play jazz music and improvisation with instrumentation different than other band classes. Participation in this class is available through audition only.

Marching Band

Marching band is an extracurricular activity offered at Cousino. Students will get to participate in band camp to learn the marching show and perform the show at halftime of Cousino football games.


Choir is an elective course offered at Cousino that gives students the opportunity to sing in a choir with their peers.