Day 1 – Complete

What a day!

Your students are incredible.  They are looking good with their marching, and their music is starting to come together!  I cannot wait to present to you everything we have worked on next Friday at our preview show.  

Just some information for you following camp.  Our schedule was altered today to allow for more inside time during the heat advisory.  In fact, even our outside activities were altered in order to make it easier for our kids to march this afternoon.  Safety is number 1, and the kids did well going with the flow. 

Tomorrow the weather report is saying scattered storms all day.  I know this can change.  As long as the rain is not too heavy and there is no lightning, we will be outside.  I would recommend the following things in order to prepare:

  • Extra socks!  Sometimes they get wet
  • Something with a hood (poncho, hoodie) can help keep light rain out of our eyes
  • Flexibility is important – we may need to run inside at a moments notice

Tomorrow our goal is to refine our basic marching, work on pep tunes and the national anthem, and to learn all of our pregame show (about 4 formations).  If possible, we will run these at the stadium pending football schedules and heat (the stadium turf is about 10 degrees hotter than the air temperature). 

Finally, HUGE thank you to all of our volunteers today!  We were fed, had plenty of water and Gatorade, and all seniors have been fit for their uniforms.  Thank you so much for making our kids successful!

Again, I cannot stress how proud I am of all of our students – marching band is tough, especially when it is hot.  They pushed themselves and worked extra hard today.  I can already tell that this is going to be a great season and I am so honored to work with all of these young people this year! 

See you tomorrow at 8 am on the field! 


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Cousino High School Band
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