13 days until Camp!

Good Afternoon Band Family,

We are 13 days away from the start of band camp and I wanted to give you some information and suggestions as we get closer to those weeks.

Drumline/Guard Camp

We have drumline and colorguard camp on Monday, August 1st and Tuesday, August 2nd.  Drumline will meet on the practice field while Guard will meet in the band room.  We will start at 9 am and go until 3 and have a 45-minute break for lunch.  Lunch is NOT provided these days, please make sure that you either bring your own, or plan on going out.  Please also follow all of the band camp suggestions down below these two days. 

Band Camp

Band camp starts on Wednesday, August 3 and goes until Friday, August 12th (minus Saturday and Sunday).  Camp start at 8am on the practice field and we dismiss at 4pm from the practice field.  Lunch is provided everyday of camp and students are NOT allowed to leave campus for lunch.  Here is our first day schedule

8:00 am – Welcome message from DM’s and Rose

8:15 am – Warm-ups

8:30 am – Basics Block (w/o instruments)

9:30 am – Basics Block (w/ instruments)

11:00 am – Parade Marching

11:30 am – Lunch

12:15 pm – Bonding Time

12:30 pm – Sectionals

1:15 pm – Music Rehearsal

2:15 pm – Basics Block

3:00 pm – Parade Marching

3:45 pm – Closing

4:00 pm – Dismissal

The following items are also ESSENTIAL to a successful band camp.

  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle
  • Instrument/all supplies
  • Flip folder/lyre (wind instruments)
  • Close toe shoes (open toe shoes are not allowed on the field for safety reasons and FYI – Crocs are NOT close toe!)
  • An extra pair of clothes (can be left in a band locker – you never know)
  • Hat
  • More sunscreen
  • Folding chair or section tent during sectionals/water breaks
  • Positive attitude! 

I also recommend starting to drink water and getting into a routine now.  If you are a student that has spend all summer playing videos games until 4 am hopped up on Mountain Dew, band camp will hit you like a ton of bricks!  Start getting into a good sleeping routine and make sure you start drinking water now – this is essential to get your body in prime shape for all of the water you will be drinking during camp.

Jimmy Johns Field

We are performing at Jimmy Johns Field on Saturday, August 27th.  This is a very fun trip that includes performing in front, performing the national anthem, and the drumline usually gets to do a cadence between an inning or two.  The kids get FREE admission to the park that day.  Another perk is that they kick back a portion of the ticket sales that we sell back to us.  Tickets for the Cousino package include 2 drink tickets, buffet dinner, and private patio seating for $36.  Our goal is to sell a total of 200 tickets.  The deadline to purchase tickets is in 8 days.  Please click the link below to order your tickets!


Michigan State Fair

Finally, some great news!  We were selected to be the Official Marching Band of the Michigan State Fair!!! We will be performing at the VIP ribbon cutting ceremony.  Afterwards, we will be given unlimited wristbands and are able to attend the fair for the remainder of the night (the night before it opens to the public).  This all takes place on August 31st.  That is the second day of school and marching band rehearsal is scheduled.  In order to accommodate, marching band rehearsal that day is cancelled and call time to hop on the busses will be 3pm.  Expect arrival back at Cousino around 10 pm.  A detailed itinerary and information will be released after band camp once all the details have been worked out. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone together on the field in 13 days!!


Noah Cafagna

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